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Safety Policy

Have your elevator working again in a short time span with Indy Elevator LLC. Our elevator repair service is really concerned about the safety and efficiency of the workplace and its importance in providing outstanding results.

Safety Manager Policy Statement

Indy Elevator LLC. acknowledges its obligation, as an employer, to provide the safest possible working conditions for our employees and to provide a safe environment for customers who use our facilities and services. Therefore, all our activities shall be conducted according to local, state, and federal safety standards, codes, regulations, or appropriate industry standards. Although accidents may never be totally eliminated, our objective is to prevent them, a goal worthy of our best effort.

Our Safety Plan is the foundation of our safety program. Each level of management, supervision, and employees are obliged to become familiar with their assigned safety responsibilities, rules, and procedures and apply them when applicable. We will provide the training and resources necessary to achieve our safety goals. Management and supervision will be held accountable for the results.

A safe workplace is organized, clean, efficient, and uplifting to morale. It also projects professionalism that will reflect well of you and the company. With this in mind, we encourage each and every associate to make safety your continuing personal responsibility – not only to reduce hazards and prevent accidents in the workplace but also to improve the quality of all our services, which we provide to our customers.

The safety of our employees and the customers we serve will not be compromised. Therefore, we sincerely solicit a commitment from all employees to support our safety program in the interest of accident prevention.

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